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SUV Tire HW23
SUV Tire HW23

SUV Tire HW23

Product Attributes :

★ Enhances the performance of grip and sport, for on & off road use. 

★ The tiger-teeth tread blocks provide super overland performance, 

★ The cut resistance compound improves mileage much.

Product Description

SUV A/T Tires, Specially designed for all terrain SUV, Pickups and Vans

Both RBL and OWL sidewal are available.


Tyre   SizePR/LRLoad   index & speed codeWheel   RimMax LoadPressureOverall DiameterSection Width
LT 31*10.5R156C109S8.51030350775268
LT 215/75R156D100/97S6.0800/730350703216
LT 225/75R156C102/99S6.0850/775350719223
P 215/70R164100T6.5800300708221
P 245/70R164107T7.0975300750248
LT 265/70R168D117/114T8.01285/1180450778272
LT 225/75R1610E115/112S6.001215/1120550744223
LT 245/75R1610E120/116S7.001380/1260550774248
LT 265/75R1610E123/120S7.501550/1400550804267
LT 285/75R1610E126/123S8.001700/1550550834286
LT 215/85R1610E115/112S6.001215/1120550772216
LT 235/85R1610E120/116S6.501380/1260550806235
P 265/65R174112T8.001120300775272
LT 265/70R1710E121/118S8.001450/1320550804272

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